Far Horizon

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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Former Australian Army officer Mike Williams is a man with a troubled past. A run-in with ruthless ivory hunters in Mozambique a year before ended in tragedy and left Mike's life in tatters.

Devastated, Mike forgets all plans for the future and takes a job as an overland tour guide in Africa. But then one day he receives word from the South African police that they are finally on the poachers' trail and they need his help to catch them.

Amongst the various tourists in his group is the tenacious English journalist Sarah Thatcher who seems determined to become involved.

Mike is placed in an impossible position; if he gives into his hunger for retribution he risks the lives of those in his care.

Sarah will risk anything for a story, but she never could have predicted the danger her involvement in Mike's life will put her in.

The murderous hunters and the innocent travellers are on a parallel journey through Africa's most spectacular locations.

Eventually their paths will cross and Mike will have his shot at revenge...but at what cost?

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