Fair Play

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Amanda Valentine
Year of Publication: 
Naiad Press
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Author's Home Country: 
New Zealand
Categories & Groupings
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Gay & Lesbian Fiction
New Zealand
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Book Synopsis

The son of a Baptist preacher, Bryce Petty looked like a choir boy. But when he is found murdered in Wellington, New Zealand, his less-than-angelic past becomes front-page news. President of the Melbourne-based gay and lesbian broadcasting firm, Spectrum Television, Bryce has left behind him a trail of debts and a slew of enemies.

New Zealand top cop, Detective Inspector Amanda Valentine, follows the trail to Melbourne, where she and her Australian colleagues join forces to track down the killer. Complicating matters, Amanda's personal life is in turmoil. Her on-again/off-again girlfriend Debby Daley have decided to try an "open" relationship, and with Debby away on special assignment to Rwanda, Amanda finds herself looking for consolation in all the wrong places.

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