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Harper Collins
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Crime Fiction
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The new novel from Australia's hottest national columnist and award-winning author.

A teenage boy is set alight and burnt to death. His fourteen-year-old neighbour, Cheryl Jane Kiss, is determined to find out who is responsible.

Like the beautiful sunsets reflected in the town's sewage treatment works, nothing in Tantanoula is quite what it seems. Cheryl's mother, Violet, the town's celebrity television newsreader, has more than a few secrets of her own ... if she could only just remember ... Cheryl's stepfather, Jackson Kiss, complicit in his stepdaughter's binge eating, aids her education by leaving adult magazines under her mattress. And as for Cheryl's friends What friends?

Cheryl is badly shaken by Samuel Leadhead's death. If only she could find the evidence that would explain it all ...

Fast-paced, passionate, hilarious, hectic, and deeply moving, Evidence is the dark side of life on the fringes in Australia. Not since Holden Caulfield has a character so summed up the heartbreak of adolescence.

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