The Empty Bed

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Harper Collins
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
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Do you believe in love? Do you trust your partner?

Nick Souter did, with good reason - he and Anne had something special. He didn't make a habit of going through her pockets but what's a man supposed to do when he's got a rotten cold and a wife who helps herself to his handkerchiefs? You can't blow your nose on an adulterous love note but it certainly took Nick's mind off his sniffles.

Secrets and lies can turn doubt into an obsession and a loving couple into snarling adversaries. Secrets and lies can kill. Anne's shocking death leaves Nick bereft - and the prime suspect. He seeks salvation in the truth but, as he of all people should have realised, what we don't know can't hurt us.

Acute and ironic, The Empty Bed is both a grimly funny self-portrait of a man watching his life unravel and an unnerving story of love and loss.

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