Dirty Laundry

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Random House Australia
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
New Zealand
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Poor Reggie Sparks. It's just not his lucky year. Having just returned to Australia after being thrown out of France for terrorising cats, Reggie finds himself smack-dab in the middle of the most bloody outbreak of violence in Sydney for decades.

A businessman takes a swan dive off the Sydney Harbour Bridge - not so unusual, you'd think - but he jumps with a suitcase that contains a connection to the death of a young debutante. Another unsavory P.I. (and part-time Peeping Tom) winds up dead with three bullets in the head in a local car park. In his briefcase they find real-life porn photos of certain people who would do anything to make sure the pictures weren't made public. Not to mention the Turf war which explodes that sees one high-flying mafioso being cooked in his own pizza oven.

Yep, this novel has it all! And poor Reggie is right in the middle of it. Between blackmail, double-cross and more blackmail, between the Sydney Mafia and an even more viscious street gang called The Blood Drinkers (who leave nothing to the imagination), a former SAS psychotic and a maverick street-wise cop called Tito Ihaka.

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