Dead Heat

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Allen & Unwin
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United Kingdom
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Crime Fiction
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A terrifying journey into the heart of one of the wildest places on earth Award-winning thriller writer Caroline Carver's follow-up to Blood Junction.

Georgia Parish never regretted leaving Nulgarra, Far Northern Queensland, to pursue her career. She didn't miss the oppressive heat, the wet, the bugs, the deadly wilderness. But after a plane crash she finds herself back there, struggling to comprehend a sinister fact - the plane was sabotaged. Was it someone hoping to kill Ronnie Chen, the man who never turned up to take the flight? Or is it to do with the two other passengers, heroic Lee Denham, and his frightened companion, Suzie? After all, nobody could have a reason to want Georgia dead... Georgia's search for the truth plunges her into a harsh and unforgiving landscape, across oceans and into crocodile-infested swamps. There, unable to trust anyone, she discovers just how much is at stake - not least her own life...

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