Currently Reading - The Smell of the Night, Andrea Camilleri

This is most definitely a just for my own pleasure read - I love the Inspector Montalbano series.  I'm very partial to a rumpled and grumpy detective at the best of times, but add to that the lunacy of the station in which he works and the sublime food that he eats on a daily basis - and I feel like this is almost too decadent to read (not that that will stop me!)

From the blurb:

Half the retirees in Vigata have invested their savings with Emanuele Gargano.  But now the financial wizard has disappeared, along with their money.  Has Gargano flown the coop or, this being Sicily, did he run afoul of the Mafia?

Opening Lines:

The shutter outside the wide-open window slammed so hard against the wall that it sounded like a gunshot.  Montalbano, who at that moment was dreaming he was in a shoot-out, suddenly woke up, sweaty and at the same time freezing cold.

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