Currently Reading - Sawbones, Stuart MacBride

114 Pages.  Set in the USA.  Serial Killer book.  With vigilantes.  A victim who won't go easily.

According to the blurb from the author at the front of the book, ... "the publisher, Barrington Stoke said they'd never had a serial killer book before (as it's not easy to make one work without turning the thing into a doorstop-sized lump of paper) but would I have a go?"

From the Blurb

They call him Sawbones:  a serial killer touring America, kidnapping young women.

The FBI are trying to catch him - but they're getting nowhere.

The latest victim is Laura Lones: 16, blonde, pretty ... and the daughter of one of New York's biggest gangsters.  Laura's dad wants revenge - and he knows just the guys to get it.

This time, Sawbones has picked on the wrong family.

Opening Lines

Soon as I see the police cruiser in the rear-view mirror I know we're fucked.  Friday morning, fifteen miles out from Bloomington, Illinois and pouring with rain.  Bouncing back up off the grey tarmac in the early dawn light.  The cruiser holds back - must be running a check on our out-of-town number plate.  I knew it was a bad idea to steal something with an 'I ♥ New York' bumper sticker ...

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