Currently Reading - Killer in the Family, Lindy Cameron & Fin J Ross

This True Crime book by sisters Lindy Cameron and Fin J Ross starts off quoting some seriously sobering statistics:

"In the seventeen years to 2006 there have been 5226 homicide incidents in Australia, involving 5617 victims and 5743
offenders.  Even for nearly two decades, that seems like way too much murder.  In the latest reporting period alone there were 283 homicide incidents in which 336 offenders were responsible for the deaths of 301 people."

From the Blurb:

Most murder victims in Australia are killed by someone they know - usually by someone in their own family.

Killer in the Family explores more than twenty cases where families have been torn apart by murder.

  • A festering resentment by a spurned husband turns into the tragic drowning of three children.
  • A violent stabbing in a mother's past, and she grows up to murder her four babies.
  • Two sons inexplicably killer their mothers.
  • Spouses turn to hitmen to solve their domestic problems.

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