Currently Reading - The Final Murder, Anne Holt

Yes, dear reader, after all that threatening to, and moving the book backwards and forwards, and starting and stopping, I'm reading The Final Murder by Anne Holt.  I hate it when I have to wait this long for something as you never know whether the anticipation will ruin the actual reading experience - or if the book doesn't live up to the possible potential.  Of course, none of that applies in the case of The Final Murder, which is, so far, absolutely tremendous.

The blurb:

A talk-show star is found killed in her home, her tongue removed and left on her desk, cleaved in two.  And when a second body, that of a right-wing party leader, is found crucified to her bedroom wall, Superintendent Adam Stubo is pulled from leave to lead the investigation.  Is there a celebrity-slaying serial killer on the loose?  His partner, Johanne Vik, agrees to help with the case but begins to see a pattern, one that traces back to her FBI days.  If she's right, the pattern will end in the murder of the investigating officer - Adam."

The opening line:

"To the east of Oslo, where the hills flatten out down towards Lørenskog, a station town by the Nita River, cars had frozen solid overnight.  People on foot pulled their hats down over their ears and wrapped their scarves tighter round their necks as they trudged the few perishing kilometres to the bus stop on the main road."

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