Currently Reading - Fat, Fifty & F***ed, Geoffrey McGeachin

Ted's around somewhere - not quite in a box but possibly hiding behind one, so no photo this time around, but after this weekend I really needed to pick up something that would be entertaining ... and fun ... and involving ... and fun .... and I think I did rather well with my selection (okay so I'm nearly finished) Fat, Fifty & F***ed by Geoffrey McGeachin.  This is actually Geoff's first novel - from pre Alby days, although there are a few elements that ring a bell from the Alby books.  Don't care - it's a hoot.  It's funny.  More in the upcoming review:

The blurb:

Martin Carter is having a crook day.  His home life's a misery, he's been retrenched by the bank and everyone's forgotten his birthday.  But a million-dollar payroll, a pistol, and a split-second decision change everything.

The first line:

"A three-quarter moon sat low in the night sky, its pale glow illuminating the lumpy puddles of vomit dotting the deserted forecourt of Burrinjuruk's two-star Truck-on-Inn hotel/motel."

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