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I've really really really been looking forward to this second Jack Susko books - loved the first one (A Deadly Business).  Really like the slightly wise-cracking (with distinctly Australian tone), of a bookseller turned Accidental Detective, just trying to get by on a daily basis.

From the Blurb:

After yet another slow week at the cash register, Susko Books - that fine purveyor of second-hand literature - is facing financial ruin.  Jack Susko heads to a gallery in Woollahra to scrape up some funds with the sale of an old art catalogue.  With his characteristic panache and exquisite timing, he arrives just as De Groot Galleries is being done over by masked thieves.  Along with a mysterious object from the safe, the robbers seize a valuable first edition from Jack's bag too.

Opening Lines:

Sometimes, it was just bad luck.  Life was a lot of walking backwards into the future, so you could expect to fall into a muddy ditch every now and then.

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