Crossing Live

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Sam Ridley
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
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New novel in Chris Niles' witty series featuring Sam Ridley, following Spike It and Run Time.When Bruce McCarthy dies soon after reporting that his house is haunted, radio hack Sam Ridley decides to investigate. But he's soon up against forces far more dangerous than the supernatural . . . Sam's home life has become one long high-volume nightmare - and it isn't the kind you can wake up from. Not when the flat upstairs is holding parties twenty-four hours a day. For the sake of some peace, Sam agrees to work the overnight shift: a job so mind-numbingly awful that it's only fit for those who haven't made it yet - and those who never will. Sam realizes that this all-time career low can't get any lower when he's assigned to interview Bruce 'Screw Loose' McCarthy, a builder who thinks his house is haunted. A builder with only days to live.'

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