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Makedee Vanderwall
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Harper Collins
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Eighteen months after her ordeal at the hands of the sadistic 'Stiletto Murderer', fashion model and forensic psychology student Makedde Vanderwall must confront her demons when she returns to Sydney for the trial. But just as the verdict is handed down, the unthinkable happens -- the killer makes a daring escape, aided and abetted by a twisted accomplice that no one suspected ...

Mak is terrified, and ex-boyfriend Detective Andy Flynn, who has a bad habit of employing more madness than method in his work, isn't helping. She decides to leave the country, but the press dog her every move, hindering her safe passage and unknowingly helping the Stiletto Murderer, who's busy rekindling an old fetish ... her ...

Where can she run? Who can she trust? And has she, and the police, underestimated Australia's most notorious serial killer yet again? Sharper than a Manolo four-inch heel, sexier than a Versace fashion show, and more risky than all seven deadly sins, Covet will set your pulse racing.

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