The Coroner's Conscience

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Central Queensland University Press
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Crime Fiction
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Louise Genson is a beautiful merchant banker. She has everything to live for. But her dead body is found in her beloved Le Mans Jaguar at the bottom of Sydney Harbour. The coroner begins what promises to be a sensational enquiry.

In her brief career Louise has moved from seductive TV show hostess to aggressive international banker handling takeover bids in New York. She is exotically attractive but elusive and reserved. Who has murdered her? Is it her alcoholic ex-husband, a second hand car salesman who is still dependent on her? Or her sculptor-father who is filled with anger at his failure as an artist and as old-fashioned parent? Or perhaps her rich colleague and ex-lover who is obsessed with Louise? Or could it be Louise's bishop-confessor who loves prestige and the limelight and who guards a shameful secret?

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