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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Contest is the first book written by Matthew Reilly, and it has become one of the most sought-after books of all time. Since its original self-published print run of 1000 copies in 1996, Contest has been updated with 17 extra pages of new content for the Pan Macmillan Australian release in 2000, and revisited again in 2003 for US readers - adapted to incorporate the real-world New York Public Library architecture.

Set in a firm Science Fiction realm, Contest is the result of an interstellar gladiatorial conflict between seven sentient races. This time, Earth has been chosen to host the event, and Stephen Swain, with his daughter in tow, has been chosen to represent us in the arena. Although Earth may be participating, it is not participating of its own free will.

The ultimate blood sport has begun, and survival is only part of the problem.

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