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Race fixing, illegal gambling, wildlife smuggling, drugs, shoplifting, phone taps, money laundering, murder and corruption. Our convict past is not far away!

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CONNECTIONS as a copyright notice in it of 1985 so that makes it over 20 years old, so what made reading this particularly startling is the way that whilst some things have changed, many many others haven't.  This book takes you back through some of the standard methods of operation of Organised Crime figures in Australia, along with an outline of the big "crime" families that were around in those days.
Sure sending drugs into invalid addresses via Australia Post, so that your accomplice on the inside can grab the envelopes might not be so easy these days, as is wholesale smuggling out of wild birds, many many of the standard activities of the crims are still around, slightly modified for today's climate but the routs, crimes and killings go on.  
Interesting read from an historical perspective if nothing else.

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