The Cleaner

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Random House Australia
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New Zealand
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New Zealand
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Meet Joe. He's a nice guy out to catch a copycat killer. The one copying himself.

Suprising and compelling, this powerfully written novel is a terrifyingly vivid insight into the mind of a serial killer. Joe is in control of everything in his simple life, including both his day job at the police department and his 'night work'. He remembers to feed his fish twice a day and visit his mother at least once a week, although he occasionally peppers her coffee with rat poison.

He is not bothered by the reports of the Christchurch Carver, who, they say, murdered seven women. Joe knows the Carver has only killed six of these women. He knows that for a fact. And Joe is going to find that copycat killer, punish him for the one and then frame him for the other six.

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