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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Crime Fiction
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Hard Boiled
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'Look at that monolith', he said, and Danny turned his head, seeing the massive new casino complex. 'That', said Sigmund, 'is a shrine to all our false hopes and dreams. Enter here for the brave new world. After thousands of years of evolution, that's what humankind has come up with, Danny boy. You can shove your idealism, your education. Pick a card, roll the dice, place your bets. That's what it's all about in the clever country.'

Danny Gold has a good thing going on the roulette tables. His skill is noticed and he's soon progressing from a nice little earn to making big bucks washing cash for enigmatic businessman turned porn moviemaker Sigmund Barry. The offer's too good to refuse, especially when the deal involves on of Barry's stunning young models.

Robert Curlewis had the world at his feet - before booze and smack took it away. Now he's inherited another desperado, Florence, but when she witnesses the vicious slaying of a young gambler in Melbourne's Chinatown, Robert is no longer wasting his life, he's trying to keep it.

Throw in a wild card, a rogue Kiwi commando running his own agenda, and you have a full deck of players with one thing in common. They are all cheaters.

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