CAPABLE OF MURDER - Brian Kavanagh

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Capable of Murder
Belinda Lawrence
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My Rating: Choccies, coffee, sparkling shiraz, book in hand, comfy chair late on a Sunday afternoon in the fading sun read.
A young Australian girl's elderly english great-aunt leaves everything to her after she dies in her home, seemingly from an accidental fall down the stairs. After Belinda moves into her great-aunt's house it seems that everyone is very interested in her and the house and in particular the garden.
Brian is a recent member of one of my favourite online reading groups, has been very circumspect and is, I hasten to add not somebody I've ever met. Some may not be aware but amongst other editing credits Brian boasts two of the greatest all time Australian movies Odd Angry Shot and The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (IMNSHO of course) so his presence piqued my interest and I had to move a few planets to get my hands on one of his books.

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