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White Trash Trilogy
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Fremantle Press
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Crime Fiction
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Night falls here in the City that never wakes up, let alone sleeps. It's 1991, and as bombs fall over Baghdad, the inhabitants of this Antipodean "Big Easy" are about to learn that February, and not April, is indeed the cruelest month.

Time to farewell Mark Throdeus - a suave politician with an uncomfortably dark secret - who's set to take a dive courtesy of his Russian Emigre wife, Svetlana.

And to welcome a new cast of berserk warriors: Babalou Mendoza, a transsexual mafia don; Goh Suzuki, the vengeful Yakuza boss; Virgo Schlong, Mervin Blagg and their perilous Red Jackie; Ray Montego, sitter of A-grade sinuendo; "Big Wheeze" Andy Atkinson and Newton Frank, the grieving District Attorney, in the Noir-on-acid crime novel that packs more punch than a Colt .45.

breakfastinfur is Volume II of the White Trash Trilogy. More tales from a city which is mad, bad and dangerous to know..

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