A Break in the Traffic

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Barry Donovan
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Crime Fiction
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Private Detective
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Sonny Logan seems like an honest bloke, even if his girlfriend doesn't think so. So what if he doesn't want to tell her where he's been for the last five years? Barry Donovan's broke, so when she hires him to find out, he's in no position to refuse. All he's got to do is follow Sonny around for a few days, reassure the girlfriend and leave them to live happily ever after. No harm done. But if Sonny's supposed to be a professional punter, how comes he goes to the track and doesn't place one bet? And for a man who likes a drink, how can he spend all afternoon in the RSL wihout touching a drop? And as for the company he keeps.... Something big's coming down and Sonny's right in the middle of it. And before he knows it, so is Donovan...

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