Black Tide

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Allen & Unwin
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United Kingdom
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Crime Fiction
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When journalist India Kane agrees to accompany a Greenpeace ship in its pursuit of a whaling fleet, she has no idea what awaits her. Buffeted by high winds and blinded by freezing fog, by the time they spot the huge tanker bearing down on them - it is simply too late. Eight crew members are lost, including one of India's closest friends.

India is determined to bring the owner of the vessel to justice, and embarks on a quest that begins at Jambouko Bay. Famed for its progressive architecture and stunning views, it was once a symbol of hope and prosperity in the Australian outback. But now its population is a dying breed. Some say that it's the air, some say the very soil. As yet more members of the community fall ill, India starts piecing the puzzle together.

What India discovers will take her on a journey to a dark and terrifying place...

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