The Bad Policeman

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Allen & Unwin
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Crime Fiction
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'I love the poet in you', she said. But the poet was very small and the policeman was, and still is, getting bigger and one day soon the policeman will plant his big fat bum in the poet's face and it will be Game Over.

Constable Marcus Blainey has done bad things. The Bad Policeman is his effort to set the record straight. Inside his head is not always a comfortable place to be, particularly now his wife has left him and isn't coming back. It also seems his son doesn't plan to forgive him either.

Blainey is trying to overcome his paralysis of will to help a child in danger. But, as he tries to cope with the pressures of his job he finds himself sliding down the slippery slope of moral panic. The only redeeming features of his life are his cat, his partner Steve and his waning passion for poetry.

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