Area 7

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Pan MacMillan Australia
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Returning to the battlefield once again is Captain Shane M Schofield, reprising his role as the rough-and-ready, smart-but-tough Marine specialist. Along side him are his follow survivors from the Ice Station incident, only this time, they're not under orders to go into harm's way.

Now, malice seeks them out in a bizarre twist of fate which results in the amazing struggle which is Area 7. With plot twists and action sequences to rival its predecessor, this stand-alone sequel to Ice Station puts Schofield back on familiar territory as he fights for the survival of the free world.

Locked deep underground in the other climatic extreme, Schofield must brave bizarre secret experiments and the perils of Lake Powell to rescue the President of the United States from those who seek to kill him. But there's a catch. There's always a catch.

Ill prepared and out numbered, Schofield has been given the short end of the stick - which is sure to make an entertaining read.

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