Another Dirty Dozen

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Hardie Grant
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True Crime
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Another Dirty Dozen' is a collection of true-crime stories that takes you inside some of the most intriguing and violent cases from across the country. Paul Anderson's position over the last 11 years as a Herald Sun crime reporter gives him the sources and the information on both sides to make this a truly insider's account.

'Another Dirty Dozen' follows on from the very successful 'Dirty Dozen', and is for all of us who are fascinated by true crime.The twelve cases give you an insight into the investigations, the psyche of the criminals, and the minds of the investigators who have dedicated their lives to chasing justice and protecting the public. This book will also include a chapter revealing the inside story of Joe and Maria Korp. Earlier this year, Maria was found unconscious in the boot of her car outside the Botanic Gardens.

While she lay in a coma for months, and Joe and his outed ex-lover cried over the tragedy, they were both charged with her murder and all the bizarre details (a decidedly unemotional daughter glued to the bedside and made up to the nines for the cameras... the swingers-club visits...) started to leak out. Joe comitted suicide a few days after an emotional display at Maria's funeral. The media coverage has been HUGE, and in the days leading up to Joe's death, they painted a picture of a shattered man, tortured by mental illness and let down by 'the system' in his time of need. 'Another Dirty Dozen' tells quite a different story indeed.The REAL story.

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