Another Day, More Books

We had a quiet day today (well quiet is a relative thing, you know that) Got up late.  Coffee-d, sat around and read for a bit.  Got dressed then went to Springvale, an Eastern suburb of Melbourne with a large Vietnamese population. We had lunch at a Vietnamese cafe.  Pho.  (A Vietnamese soup).  Karen and Adam did some grocery shopping and then it was on to a used bookstore in Belgrave.


The Flaxborough Crab -  Colin Watson

Hopjoy was Here - Colin Watson

I've heard good things about this author lately, so when I found several copies in the used books store I snaffled two.

Tonight we're off to the pub for Trivia Night.  Wish us luck!


Vietnamese noodle soup is easiest when the noodles are eaten with a fork as opposed to a spoon or chopsticks.

Helen doesn't necessarily need to ingest alcohol to make extravagant hand gestures.

When Helen says she won't be buying more than 4 kilos worth of books, it doesn't mean 4 kilos in any conventional sense that we understand it to be.

Karen has a nice line in profanity when enountering women driving and talking on mobile phones.

I am unable to keep to my vow to not over-indulge in food, drink or chocolates.  (oh well I'll start the diet tomorrow - yeah rigtht)

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