And Many Happy Returns

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Zeus Publications
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Crime Fiction
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When Cassandra gives Ryan a present for his 40th birthday, she prophesizes that by midnight, he will get his heart’s desire but before midnight Ryan is forced to walk out of his own party to investigate a murder. 

Ryan’s investigations into the drowning of a butler reveal the victim’s true identity as a ruthless blackmailer who only preyed on the rich and famous.  While Ryan’s team unravel the secret loves and lives of the wealthy suspects, a chance discovery takes Ryan to a small NSW town where he meets a Catholic priest, whom he adds to his list of suspects, an old woman who is unaware that the key to the whole mystery is in her possession and secrets about the dean man which raise more questions about his true identity. 

As all the clues start to point to one suspect, Ryan is under pressure by the department to make an arrest while Cassandra’s psychic visions advise him against this.  When even his best friend and colleague Alan, starts to question Ryan’s motives in not making the arrest, Ryan begins to wonder if he has listened to Cassandra one time too many…

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