Ragnar Jónasson

The AustCrimeFiction Best of 2015

I'm mathematically challenged at the best of times, and never more so than when greeted by the need to come up with a "list" of a certain number. Okay so that's probably less to do with maths and more to do with a pathological hatred of arbitrary rules. So let's just go with this being the best of list of all the books (currently at 147 or so) that I was fortunate (in the main) to have read in 2015.

November on AustCrimeFiction

A big November, with a welcome back to Andrea Thompson who is posting reviews and blogs now around her busy day job(s), kids, fostering animals, coffee drinking day to day activities :)

Reviewed This Month:

Inside the Black Horse, Ray Berard

Review - SNOWBLIND, Ragnar Jónasson

Author Information
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Dark Iceland
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Police Procedural
Orenda Books
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September on AustCrimeFiction

September Monthly Summary (told you I had a cunning plan). Although the posting itself is late because of RIDICULOUSLY early fire weather with extreme heat and gale force winds. In October.

Good grief.

Not much reading last month - time off in an attempt to get some things organised before himself headed off on a work trip.

Currently Reading - Snowblind, Ragnar Jónasson

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As is always the way when we take a week off in Spring to get started on fire season preparations, there's an arctic blast that drives freezing cold winds through. No rain of course, but lordy it's cold out there so we all (me / him when he's not in the shed doing mysterious things, Meg the old dog, Mambo the Puppy, and Injira the new terrier, 2 hiding cats) are in front of the fire. They're snoring. I'm reading. There is red wine.

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