The Last Time We Spoke

The verdicts are in: new Kiwi voices dominate among 2017 Ngaios finalists

There’s fresh blood aplenty in the local crime writing ranks and the usual suspects were nowhere to be found as the 2017 Ngaio Marsh Awards finalists were named on Monday.

#amreading The Last Time We Spoke, Fiona Sussman

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The second novel out of New Zealand I've been able to read that explores the after-affects of crime. Let's hope this is not just a glitch in the continuum as both of these novels now have been thought-provoking and challenging.

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The Last Time We Spoke

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New Zealand
Crime Fiction

One mild summer evening in rural Auckland the life of a middle-aged farmer's wife and that of an illiterate Maori youth brutally collide. Neither will be the same again, their futures forever linked. This is a dark tale which navigates the underbelly of urban New Zealand. It is also a story of hope and human possibility.

Allison & Busby
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