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February on AustCrime

February, in which lots of books were read and reviewed, but it would have been more if it wasn't for the scorching heat.

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A Murder without Motive, Martin McKenzie-Murray (Australia / True Crime)

January on AustCrime

January, being a month in which we took a break from computers, meant a lot of reading and then a scrambling review catchup - which is still not caught up.

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Girl Waits with Gun, Amy Stewart

Review - The Kolkata Conundrum, Kalyan Lahiri

Author Information
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The Kolkata Conundrum
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Orko Deb
Crime Fiction
Crime Wave Press
Year of Publication: 

Am Reading - The Kolkata Conundrum, Kalyan Lahiri

Author Name: 

This book, from India, has such a wonderful sense of place and culture, partially due to the "tone" of the writing, which is beautifully lyrical.

From the Blurb:

The mysterious and alluring Pramila, resident of Avantika Heights, is brutally murdered. Sudhir Das, the security guard from the Golden Red Security Agency, is caught red-handed. 

In steps Sudhir's boss, young Orko Deb, the hesitant avenger. 

His cautious sleuthing, all over Kolkata, throws up more questions than answers. 

Who is Pramila?