Girl Waits with Gun

February on AustCrime

February, in which lots of books were read and reviewed, but it would have been more if it wasn't for the scorching heat.

Read / To be Reviewed:

A Murder without Motive, Martin McKenzie-Murray (Australia / True Crime)

Review - Girl Waits with Gun, Amy Stewart

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Girl Waits with Gun
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Historical Fiction
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January on AustCrime

January, being a month in which we took a break from computers, meant a lot of reading and then a scrambling review catchup - which is still not caught up.

Read / To be Reviewed:

Girl Waits with Gun, Amy Stewart

December on AustCrime

Somewhere in the middle of the month - actually remembered to post some best of's for 2015. Other than that, this is a combination of books read, read and reviewed, and reviews caught up with, because I didn't really keep track of what was what. I was on holidays - from computers and PM tools if nothing else. 

Reviewed in December:

Skin Deep, Gary Kemble (Aust)

Christmas / New Year Break Reading

Technically I'm not here - we're taking a few weeks off from computers to try to recharge battered batteries. It's been so bloody hot here we've nearly melted and nope it hasn't rained. Not a bloody drop.

Which has meant some reading time in amongst the hourly trips outside to make sure the poultry at least are surviving this appalling weather.

American Blood, Ben Sanders