Death Can't Take a Joke

The Most Memorable Books: 2014

Because it's been such a stellar year for Crime Fiction - a Most Memorable of the Year List before Christmas seems like a plan in case anybody is thinking about books to spoil themselves / friends / family with. Of course the year isn't over yet and I fully expect a few more "memorables" between now and the end of December, if the previous 11 months have been any indication.

The ones that simply will not go out of my head:

Review - DEATH CAN'T TAKE A JOKE, Anya Lipska

Author Information
Book Title: 
Death Can't Take a Joke
Author Name: 
Author's Home Country: 
United Kingdom
Janusz Kiszka and Natalie Kershaw
Police Procedural
Sub Genre: 
Private Investigator
Special Interests: 
Polish Community
Harper Collins
Year of Publication: 

Currently Reading - Death Can't Take a Joke, Anya Lipska

Author Name: 

The second book featuring DC Nat Kershaw and PI Janusz Kiszka, I've been looking very forward to this one. Following the pattern as well, I'm listening to Chopin (predictable I know but I couldn't think of another Polish composer in a hurry).

From the Blurb:

When masked men brutally stab one of his closest friends to death, Janusz Kiszka – fixer to East London’s Poles – must dig deep into London’s criminal underbelly to track down the killers and deliver justice.