Dark Murder

January on AustCrime

January, being a month in which we took a break from computers, meant a lot of reading and then a scrambling review catchup - which is still not caught up.

Read / To be Reviewed:

Girl Waits with Gun, Amy Stewart

Review - Dark Murder, Helen H. Durrant

Author Information
Book Title: 
Dark Murder
Author Name: 
Author's Home Country: 
United Kingdom
Stephen Greco
Crime Fiction
Sub Genre: 
Police Procedural
United Kingdom
Joffe Books
Year of Publication: 

December on AustCrime

Somewhere in the middle of the month - actually remembered to post some best of's for 2015. Other than that, this is a combination of books read, read and reviewed, and reviews caught up with, because I didn't really keep track of what was what. I was on holidays - from computers and PM tools if nothing else. 

Reviewed in December:

Skin Deep, Gary Kemble (Aust)

Christmas / New Year Break Reading

Technically I'm not here - we're taking a few weeks off from computers to try to recharge battered batteries. It's been so bloody hot here we've nearly melted and nope it hasn't rained. Not a bloody drop.

Which has meant some reading time in amongst the hourly trips outside to make sure the poultry at least are surviving this appalling weather.

American Blood, Ben Sanders