Carolyn Hawes

The Floating Basin

Author's Home Country: 
New Zealand
Crime Fiction

Another boat reversed into one of the berthing bays not far from where Ru stood. He watched the wake spread across the lagoon to the bank in front of the car park, where the water rounded at its edges and formed the continuum of a basin. The ripples raced across to the islands: the rushes shuddered and were sucked beneath the water: seconds later they sprang back in surprise.

Year of Publication: 

Carolyn Hawes

Author Information
Hawes, Carolyn

Carolyn Hawes was born in Westport. From the age of 14 she began writing poetry and then turned to short story writing. Later she researched and wrote a local history book, Great Expectations: the Colonisation of Buller. She has written articles for the local Westport paper, The News, including a column containing 25 biographical stories about Westport's mayors from 1873 until 1983 and has had freelance articles in The Press, Nelson Mail and various journals.