John Lang

The Forger's Wife

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Crime Fiction

John Lang was Australia's first locally born novelist, publishing early work in Sydney in the 1840s and going on to write several bestsellers. The Forger's Wife (1856) is a lively adventure novel, set in an unruly colonial Sydney where everyone is on the make. The forger's wife is a young woman who follows her rakish husband out to Australia and struggles to survive as her marriage falls apart. She soon meets detective George Flower, a powerful man with a cavalier sense of justice and retribution.

Colonial Australian Popular Fiction
Grattan Street Press
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John Lang

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Lang, John

John Lang (1816-1864) was the first Australian-born novelist, often lauded as the first known writer of detective fiction in the Anglophone world. He is best known for his collection of short stories in Botany Bay: True Tales of Early Australia (1859) and for his career as a barrister. His grandfather was transported to Australia in the First Fleet for stealing eight silver spoons.

That Was the Week (or so) that was #34 - Colonial Australian Crime Fiction

I've got a fascinating book here that I've been dipping in and out of for quite a while now (and some of the authors mentioned will come up again in my Wednesday Waffles), but it's called The Anthology of Colonial Australian Crime Fiction - written by Ken Gelder and Rachael Weaver.