Adam K. Childs

Schrödinger’s Cabinet

Author's Home Country: 
New Zealand
Crime Fiction

It's November 29, 2016 and the Republicans have won the US election. Some people are unhappy.

An owl flies at the President-Elect's head and explodes. It's a singularly unique assassination method designed to shock as much as kill. 

New York detectives Kasia Pasternak and Martin King work with - and sometimes against - their FBI, CIA and US Secret Service colleagues to solve the case.

Detective King
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Adam K. Childs

Author Information
Childs, Adam K.

Adam Childs was born in Kent, England in 1960. He emigrated to Canada in 1973 and to New Zealand in 2010. He has travelled extensively, much of it as part of his work with Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders).

He has been interested in writing since he was a teenager but never found the time until now: Despite having written many academic articles, reports and analyses for work purposes, Schrödinger's Cabinet is his first published fiction novel.