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Louise Keller
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Crime Fiction
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Private Investigator
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A brutal murder in a country town uncovers a complex web of love, envy and betrayal.

Jonathan Ryan, renowned opera singer, is a man who has it all – fame, fortune, movie star good looks and voted one of the sexiest men alive. Ryan is invited to perform at a benefit concert in Trinity, a country town in Australia, where he is brutally murdered at an impromptu rehearsal. Smashed over the head with a crystal vase full of his favourite yellow roses. His widow, Julia, devastated by his death and not trusting the police, engages the services of ex-cop turned PI, Louise Keller, to find out about her husband’s past and who had a reason to kill him.

As Louise digs into Ryan’s life she uncovers a long list of possible suspects. Was it one of the nine witnesses who attended the rehearsal? Or was it someone from Ryan’s past? And the deeper she digs the more Louise finds out about the complex and enigmatic Jonathan Ryan.

When one of the witnesses is also murdered, the lead homicide detective Steve Bowen, believes the two deaths are connected. But are they? And is it the same killer? The trail points to several suspects and Louise must pit her wits against her nemesis, Steve Bowen, to make sure the killer is brought to justice. When her life is threatened, Louise has a race against time to find Ryan’s real killer.

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