Shot at the Title

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David Lewis, former Navy clearance diver, one-time screw and bouncer, is kidnapped by unknown persons. His lover, ex-Federal police officer, Rachel Dawes, has to call on the help of the only person she can - Steven James Forbes, career criminal and probable psychopath. The two travel to David's farm, Tobin's River Run, at the foot of Mt Seaview in Port Macquarie's hinterland, to see what they can ascertain about David's disappearance, finding the main bedroom a blood-covered mess.

The kidnappers contact them and make their demands. Rachel and Steve begin the machinations to get David back unscathed. But things don't go easy when they find that David's kidnappers are a band of Australian-born, radicalised Muslim bad boys who are hell-bent on wreaking havoc in Australia.

This brings two other players onto the scene: Oktay Saglam, a Turkish national with a mysterious background, and Craig Johnson, a disgraced and corrupt New South Wales cop, now apparently working for one of the intelligence services. The two coerce David, Rachel and Steve into helping them try to locate an Afghan/Russian hit man, working for a notorious Sydney outlaw motorbike gang, which is engaging in its own nefarious activities.

The story is told through the eyes of the main protagonist, Rachel Dawes, who pulls no punches when mixing it with all the alpha males. Fast-paced and sexually explicit, Shot at the Title is a wild tale of what could easily happen. 

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