The Shadow Dancers

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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
United Kingdom
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“We are The Division. This is what we do.” 

A politician’s daughter goes missing in Turkey, as Russia bombs neighbouring Syria and chaos explodes throughout the Middle East. Rob Moore of Division 5 is sent from London to find her, but he’s a man with his own problems. 

Racked with self-doubt and facing middle age, former Special Forces operator Moore is on a downward slide of self-destruction and his career is about to implode. He’s the last man who should be diving into a powder keg right now, but it may just be his last shot at redemption-if he makes it out alive. 

But nothing is ever what it seems in the ancient city of Istanbul. It’s a hotbed of spies and thieves, and he is soon on the run from brutal ISIS terrorists looking for their latest execution video star. 

Hunted by suicide bombers and not knowing who he can trust, Moore uncovers a terror plot with international connections. Unless he can bring the bad guys down first, there will be devastating consequences for the Anzacs and many innocent lives will be lost. 

As the action sweeps across the Middle East and Greece, Moore realises he may have been better off sitting this one out. 

He’s going to need to be smarter, faster and more ruthless than the enemy if he’s going to find the girl and bring her back safely. 

Because the only other option is death. 

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