Schrödinger’s Cabinet

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Detective King
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tCeti Limited
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
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It's November 29, 2016 and the Republicans have won the US election. Some people are unhappy.

An owl flies at the President-Elect's head and explodes. It's a singularly unique assassination method designed to shock as much as kill. 

New York detectives Kasia Pasternak and Martin King work with - and sometimes against - their FBI, CIA and US Secret Service colleagues to solve the case.

Their task is made more complicated as Republicans and Democrats sense opportunity in chaos and use the vagaries in the US election system to manipulate events in their favour. But winning the election doesn't make someone President: Congress and the Electoral College make the final decision.

As the investigation proceeds, nothing is as it first seemed. Layers upon layers of intrigue peel away, colleagues become suspects, suspects become distractions and leads turn into dead ends.

Only when someone opens Schrödinger's Cabinet does the dilemma become resolved. 

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