Scared Yet?

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Bantam Australia
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When Liv Prescott fights off a terrifying assault in a deserted car park, the media hails her bravery, friends and colleagues congratulate her - but an anonymous admirer tells her she should be more careful.

As police search for her attacker, her 'admirer's' advice turns to warnings, delivered to her home. Brave is not what she feels now: she's wary and suspicious and fearful - is it the assailant from the car park? Is it the man who found her there? Is it her ex-husband?

Soon her family is drawn into the stalker's focus - first her dying father, afterwards her young son - and she's not just scared, she's ripped apart by fear. Then her stalker makes the choice simple - to fight, or die. Are you scared yet, Liv?


I really enjoyed this book and am looking for more from this author

Betty - her second book is out now as well so you're in luck :)

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