Pink Tide

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Rubens McCauley
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Australian Scholarly Publishing
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Crime Fiction
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Police Procedural
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After a series of harrowing and life-changing cases in St Kilda—Head Shot & Blood Sunset—DS Rubens McCauley is burnt out and on the edge. Addicted to prescription medication, running away from too many years on the front line, he finds himself wandering the shores of Jutt Rock—a small town on Victoria’s south-western coastline—in search for the quiet life. And, for a while, he finds it. Every day, as the sun sets over the ocean, the brilliant wash of colour reflects on the shoreline—a Pink Tide. A picture-perfect respite; no crime, no stress.

But after McCauley’s nephew and his mate are brutally bashed while walking home from a party, McCauley realises that the Pink Tide has another meaning. With one victim dead and his nephew clinging to life in hospital, he kno ws he must act. In hunting down the attackers, his faith in the criminal justice system and in human decency itself is severely tested.

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