Murder Most Malicious

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Mancini Mysteries
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New Zealand
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Crime Fiction
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When the good-natured Mr Mancini discovers a dead woman in the Winter Garden Glasshouse on a winter’s morning in 1909, he is horrified. Even more so when the brittle-tongued Detective Haynes implies he is a suspect. That same day, when the guest speaker at the book group doesn’t appear, Mancini suspects she is the corpse. But with no identification, and with the speaker having come from a different city, right from the beginning it becomes a difficult case and one full of intrigue.

Gradually the investigation leads both the detective, who has only just arrived in Dunedin and Mancini (useful because of his knowledge of the city) to believe a member of the book group is the killer. But who? And for what reason? Gathering evidence is one thing, but being able to prove their suspicions becomes like a never ending and impossible puzzle.

Step back in time, and join Mr Mancini and Detective Hayes to see how they finally put all the pieces together and solve this Edwardian crime. 

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