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Harry Kenmare
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Crime Fiction
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PI Harry Kenmare is a prehistoric private detective in an unfriendly modern world.

His life revolves around drinking, fine food, smoking, and fast women, preferably the ones he has to pay for, in cash. So what better CV for trawling through Sydney's corrupt social and political elites, who cravenly chase power and wealth behind veneers of respectability.

In this collection of seedy episodes, Harry is a dinosaur on a mission of justice, looking to shatter the hypocritical façades. And the rules don't always apply.

Join him in the jungle of 21st century Port Jackson, where little is as it seems, and none of it is pretty. Except, of course, those gorgeous by the hour girls.


Wonderful book, best one I've read in a years. Nice to meet with the author, I sense that some of the book is autobiographical, with the real life aspects making it a great read. Two thumbs up!

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