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Detainee 002, The Case of David Hicks, Leigh Sales

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Not Crime Fiction, but the release of David Hicks over the Christmas break prompted me to move this book up the unread pile.  We purchased it after seeing a session at MWF in which Leigh Sales participated - her discussion of the book intrigued us considerably.  If you're interested at all in the background of the treatment and case against David Hicks this is an excellently written book.  It provides a narrative form of non-fiction which makes it extremely readable whilst providing great insight into the events leading up to his arrest as well as, what can possibly ever hope to be gleaned,

Science Fiction / Fantasy Reviews

Adam has posted a few reviews tonight including two for books that he's EXTREMELY enthusiastic about.

Brasyl by Ian McDonald


The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie

If Science Fiction / Fantasy interests you follow the links across to his reviews - he's seriously impressed with both of these books.

A Life Worth Mentioning

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With little fanfare, some would say as little fanfare as he received in life, a report of the death of Eric Rolls appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this week.  Not a crime fiction author, but an Australian author whose most well known book is probably 1981's A Million Wild Acres, the story of the conquest and destruction of the Australian Wilderness.   Another of his books "Citizens and Sojourners" has adorned the shelves in these parts for many years.  He was 84 years old.

Oh the Carnival is (NOT) over (with apologies to the Seekers)

Mary Saums has picked up the Carnival of the Criminal Minds across at Femmes Fatales this week.   In typical grand style, Mary points us to the fabulous and fantastic that has crossed her crime fiction path recently.  Wander over and follow the Carnival - it's proving to be a fantastic way of keeping up with the goings on.