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Pulp Fiction Press Announcement - Café la Femme

Just noticed on the Pulp Fiction Press website this announcement:


Announcing Café la Femme

Hungry for new mysteries? Craving comedy?

Tansy Rayner Roberts, best known as a fantasy writer, has written us a honey of a crime novel – Café la Femme.  

It introduces Tabitha Darling, policeman’s daughter, professional cook and amateur detective, who’s finding love (and trouble!) in Tasmania. It will debut later in 2008 - stay posted for updates.

Currently Reading - The Pyjama Girl Mystery, Richard Evans (True Crime)

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"Sydney March 1944

The dead woman's face is starkly pale, especially in contrast to the rest of her body, stained a deep mahogany brown after nearly ten years soaking in a formalin bath."

The Pyjama Girl was an unknown woman, found dumped by a road near Albury in 1934.  She had been brutally murdered.  Who she was, and who killed her, become Australia's great unsolved crime for decades.  The body was preserved in formalin, her image circulated around the world.

Currently Reading - When She Was Bad, Jonathan Nasaw

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The prologue for this book is valid as it's headed "Three Portraits of Lily"

"Are you sure you're going to be all right now?"

"I'll be fine, Grandma."

"I hate to go off and leave you."

Lily rolls her eyes.  "Grandma, I'm seventeen years old, I can take care of myself for two days."


Currently Reading - Shooting Star, Peter Temple

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Text have recently released SHOOTING STAR - originally published in 1999 and re-reading it is absolutely no chore whatsoever.

"The house was in a street running off Ballarat Road.  Doomed weatherboard dwellings with rusting roofs and mangy little patches of lawn faced each other across a pocked tarmac strip.  At the end of the street, by the feeble light of a streetlamp, two boys were kicking a football to each other, uttering feral cries as they lost sight of it against the almost-dark sky."

Currently Reading - The Gilded Seal, James Twining

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We're in the middle of the early Autumn heatwave from hell.  So I could be doing all sorts of jobs around the place.  But I'm not.  I'm reading instead.

Dodging some historical information as a lead in and a prologue to take this opening paragraph from Chapter One.

"Drumlanrig Castle, Scotland
18th April - 11.58am

As the car drew up, a shaft of light appeared through a break in the brooding sky.  The castle's sandstone walls glowed under its gentle touch, an unexpected shock of pink against the ancient greens of the surrounding hills and woodlands."

Currently Reading - The Affair of the Mutilated Mink, James Anderson

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By the author of The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy (which you really want to get just for the title!) The Affair of the Mutilated Mink.

Now for those that think I've finally gone barking mad as this doesn't sound like my normal fare, this is a fabulous, tongue in cheek yoicks tally ho and away style which is frightfully funny (donchaknow) - well it is to me at least.  And they are very entertaining books into the bargain.  Of course it's all just ever so slightly over the top (and I have to say, one of the nicest  dust jacket designs I've seen in a while.)


Currently Reading - Web of Evil, J A Jance

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I'm about 200 pages into this so I'm running late as usual:

"When the man opened his eyes, it was so dark that at first he thought they were still closed.  So he tried again, but nothing changed.  It was dark - a hot black stifling darkness that seemd to suck the breath out of him.  He sensed movement, heard the whine of tires [sic] on pavement, but he had no idea where he was or how he'd gotten there."