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Bloody Ham by Brian Kavanagh

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Bewrite Books have recently released Brian's 3rd novel - Bloody Ham - http://www.austcrimefiction.org/node/2991

For lovers of the traditional English style of cosy novel - this time with an Australian central protaganist - all of Brian's books should be of great interest to you.  If you've been lucky enough to read Bloody Ham - let us know what you thought.

Tower of Silence by Sarah Rayne

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Tower of Silence by Sarah Rayne - Pocket Books (2004), Paperback, 491 pages
tags: Crime
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I actually went out and bought two of Sarah Rayne's books recently - Spider Light is the latest of her books that I read for review a while ago and loved it - so I'm looking forward to seeing what these two are like.

Friday 31st at MWF

Friday was a BIIIGGG day at the festival for us.

We started off at the dreaded 10.30am again - next year I swear I'll be resisting this getting up at sparrow's behaviour!

Anyway - A Touch of Class was first with Malcolm Knox, Deborah Robertson (Australian authors) and John Ajvide Lindqvist - where they talked about the influence of class in society and how it was portrayed in their books - very interesting comparisons between their three books.

MWF - Thursday 30th August at the Festival

Today was to be Kerrie and Bob's last day at the festival - they were returning to Adelaide in the morning, so combine that with the very late night before after the Ned Kelly awards and it was a slightly bedraggled group that staggered in for the 10.30am Panel - Unconditional Love.

A Night at the Neds - 2007

As was the case in 2006, the Ned Kelly's were distributed as part of ongoing events at the MWF - in the Festival Tent, chaired by the FABULOUS Jane Clifton.

I'm posting this blog nearly a week after the event - so you'll have to excuse me if some of the details are a little blurred - there were a lot of drinks between then and now.

Anyway - the night started off with a debate as is the wont of these nights - the topic for this year was (according to the table notes) "That in crime fiction, the crime itself is rarely the most important thing".