CR Sinister Intent, Karen M Davis

New police procedural from Karen M Davis, an ex-cop from NSW.

From the Blurb:

For eight years Lexie Rogers has been a uniform cop in Sydney’s red light district, Kings Cross. Having survived a violent knife attack, she’s seen it all – and far more than most cops her age. Now she’s back at work as the newest member of the Bondi Junction Detective’s Office and ready to start again.

One of her first jobs is to execute a search warrant at a bikie clubhouse, one of the two local gangs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. What she uncovers begins a chilling investigation into a vicious world where loyalty is deadly and unwavering and can’t be bought . . . Or can it?

Lexie forms an unlikely alliance with one of the bikies as he realises his family is in danger. But what neither of them knows is that Lexie is the one who’s in too deep. She knows too much.

As the stakes become personal it seems the unsung bond she has with a big bad bikie could be the one thing that could save her life.

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