CR - Silent Kill, Peter Corris

Cricket... Cliff Hardy... Cricket... Cliff Hardy. Some years things don't pan out quite like you want. Around here, every Boxing Day will find me somewhere very close to the couch, new Cliff Hardy and Christmas Chocolates in hand, pretending to watch the cricket whilst quietly reading. Only this year we were winning, and it's been a while and it was against England, and well I didn't get quite as much reading done as I would normally. So I'm catching up now.

From the Blurb:

When Cliff Hardy signs on as a bodyguard for charismatic populist Rory O'Hara, who is about to embark on a campaign of social and political renewal, it looks like a tricky job - O'Hara has enemies. A murder and a kidnapping cause the campaign to fall apart.

Hired to investigate the murder, Hardy uncovers hidden agendas among O'Hara's staff as well as powerful political and commercial forces at work. His investigation takes him from the pubs and brothels of Sydney to the heart of power in Canberra and the outskirts of Darwin. There he teams up with a resourceful indigenous private detective and forms an uneasy alliance with the beautiful Penelope Marinos, formerly O'Hara's PA.

A rogue intelligence agent comes his target and Hardy stumbles upon a terrible secret that draws them into a violent - and disturbing - confrontation.

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